The British EPs

The Beatles’ core catalogue includes 13 EPs

Twist and Shout
Twist and Shout / A Taste of Honey b/w Do You Want To Know a Secret / There’s A Place
Parlophone GEP 8882 (12 July 1963)

The Beatles’ Hits
From Me To You / Thank You Girl b/w Please Please Me / Love Me Do
Parlophone GEP 8880 (6 September 1963)

Beatles No.1
I Saw Her Standing There / Misery b/w Anna (Go To Him) / Chains
Parlophone GEP 8883 (1 November 1963)

All My Loving
All My Loving / Ask Me Why b/w Money (That’s What I Want) / P.S. I Love You
Parlophone GEP 8891 (7 February 1964)

Long Tall Sally
Long Tall Sally / I Call You Name b/w Slow Dowm / Matchbox
Parlophone GEP 8913 (19 June 1964)

Extracts from the film A Hard Day’s Night
I Should Have Known Better / If I Fell b/w Tell Me Why / And I Love Her
Parlophone GEP 8920 (4 November 1964)

Extracts from the album A Hard Day’s Night
Any Time At All / I’ll Cry Instead b/w Things We Said Today / When I Get Home
Parlophone GEP 8924 (6 November 1964)

Beatles For Sale
No Reply / I’m A Loser b/w Rock and Roll Music / Eight Days A Week
Parlophone GEP 9831 (6 April 1965)

Beatles For Sale No.2
I’ll Follow The Sun / Baby’s In Black b/w Words Of Love / I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
Parlophone GEP 8938 (4 June 1965)

The Beatles’ Million Sellers
She Loves You / I Want To Hold Your Hand b/w Can’t Buy Me Love / I Feel Fine
Parlophone GEP 8946 (6 December 1965)

Yesterday / Act Naturally b/w You Like Me Too Much / It’s Only Love
Parlophone GEP 8948 (4 March 1966)

Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man / Drive My Car b/w Michelle / You Won’t See Me
Parlophone GEP 8952 (8 July 1966)

Magical Mystery Tour
Disc 1: Magical Mystery Tour / Your Mother Should Know b/w I Am The Walrus
Disc 2: The Fool On The Hill / Flying b/w Blue Jay Way
Parlophone SMMT1 (8 December 1967)

These EPs are 7″ vinyl ‘extended play’ records running at 33⅓ rpm and sit alongside the standard Beatles discography of LPs and singles. They typically containing four tracks from the most recent Beatles album and occasionally include a contemporaneous single. Long Tall Sally was the first Beatles EP to contain exclusively new material and Magical Mystery Tour, issued as two discs in 1967, was the last EP in their core catalogue.


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EPs might have been an additional means of promoting, or a budget alternative to, existing full-length albums but the release dates may suggest otherwise. The two EPs featuring extracts from A Hard Day’s Night weren’t released until four months after the album of the same name. Similarly the two Beatles For Sale EPs were issued four and six months after their source album and both the Yesterday and Nowhere Man EPs emerged a full seven months after their respective parent albums Help! and Rubber Soul.

Given the high turnover of Beatles releases up to mid-1966 it doesn’t seem likely that Parlophone would still be aggressively promoting existing albums when new product was already completed and being readied for release. Indeed, in most of the instances stated above, a brand new full-length Beatles album would appear within little more than a month of the EPs (two months in the case of the Beatles For a Sale No.2 EP and Help! album).

Source: Wikipedia

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