Top five in the USA

Billboard Hot 100: 4 April 1964


One of the more remarkable achievements of The Beatles‘ early years occurred on 4 April 1964 when they held the top five places in the US Billboard chart. What’s interesting is that only two of these singles were on the Capitol label – the US arm of EMIThe Beatles‘ British label.

Please Please Me had been The Beatles‘ first US single on the Vee Jay label in early 1963 after Capitol chose not to exercise first refusal on the option offered by EMI for US release. Similarly, She Loves You had been licensed by EMI to Swan Records later in 1963. Neither single bothered the Billboard chart until the success of I Want To Hold Your Hand boosted their initial modest sales (and prompted Vee Jay to issue Twist And Shout on their Tollie imprint) in early-1964. Can’t Buy Me Love, Capitol‘s second Beatles single, completed the monopolisation of the top five – an achievement that remains unmatched in the United States to date.

Source: Billboard

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