Yellow Submarine originals

Only four original songs were recorded for the 1968 animated feature Yellow Submarine:

Only A Northern Song

All Together Now

Hey Bulldog

It’s All Too Much

The Beatles’ initial lack of enthusiasm for the Yellow Submarine project manifested itself in the relative apathy with which they approached the film’s soundtrack.

Of the four original tracks, it’s likely that at least two were rejected for earlier projects: Only A Northern Song was a Sgt. Pepper reject recorded between February and April 1967; All Together Now is from May ’67 and was earmarked specifically for the film; Hey Bulldog emerged out of a session for the Lady Madonna promo film and was also made specifically for the film; It’s All Too Much is the result of sessions in May and June 1967 and was overlooked for the Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack.

An EP of the original tracks had been scheduled for release in late-1968 and mono masters of the four tracks were prepared. The EP release didn’t go ahead and stereo versions of the tracks appeared on the soundtrack album in January 1969. The mono mixes eventually received a release on the 2009 Mono Masters collection that was part of the remastered Beatles In Mono box set.

Kevin Howlett: “Notes for Mono Masters album” 2009
Ian MacDonald: “Revolution in the Head” 2008 (revised edition)


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